sun revival
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sun revival
8"x10" oil on canvas

Mărţişor is the symbol of spring and also a celebration on the first of March.

Its beginnings are still a mystery, but it is usually said that it originated in ancient Rome, because New Year's Eve was celebrated on the 1st of March, the month of the war god Mars.

He had a double role: both protector of agriculture and of war, so the celebration signified the rebirth of nature. The duality of symbols is kept in the colours of the Mărţişor: white and red, meaning peace and war (it might also symbolize winter and spring).

The flower and nature celebrations were consecrated to him.

Nowadays, men offer women a talisman object also called Mărţişor, consisting of a jewel or a small decoration like a flower, an animal or a heart, tied to a red and white string.

However, giving a little nickel tied to a red and white string is an old custom and was originally designated for both men and women.

It was believed that the one who wears the red and white string will be powerful and healthy for the year to come.

A woman wears it pinned to her blouse on this day and up to two weeks after. After wearing the coin for twelve days, they bought sweet cheese with the medal, because it was believed that their faces would remain beautiful and white the entire year.


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