sun revival
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sun revival
12"x9" oil on canvas

Folklore links CUCUVEA with death, misfortune and spiritual darkness. It is often a guide to and through the Underworld, a creature of keen sight in darkness, and a silent and swift hunter.

It can help unmask those who would deceive you or take advantage of you, considered a demonic night bird symbolizing knowledge of the occult.

People have always been suspicious of the Owl because of man's fear of the dark, or night, and those things that might dwell there.

In general, the hooting of an Owl is considered a portent of death or bad luck, and it may even prophesied death. It is a medical fact that most people die at night, and for that reason also the Owl has been seen as the messenger of death.

Girls who die unmarried turn into doves; girls who are married and sinners when they die turn into Owls. The souls of repentant sinners flew to heaven in the guise of a Snowy Owl. If a owl is heard amongst houses then an unmarried girl has lost her virginity. if a pregnant woman hears an owl, her child will be blessed.

Owls have the ability to see in the dark and fly noiselessly through the skies. They bring messages through dreams. The Owl is the bird of mystical wisdom and ancient knowledge of the powers of the moon. With wide-open, all-seeing eyes, Owl looks upon reality without distortion and acknowledges it.

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