sun revival
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sun revival
11"x20" oil on canvas

A few days before the beginning of the winter holidays the pig sacrifice takes place.This tradition is kept particularly in the countryside, where everything takes place according to a closely followed ritual.

The origins of this custom date back to immemorial times. It was accepted and absorbed by the Christian religion as a natural part of the local community life. Christianity also bestowed upon it a religious significance, as nobody can taste the food prepared on this day until after the priest has given his blessing.

After the sacrifice, there are only four days left to prepare the meat, make sausages, melt the fat and so on. Each day ends with a little feast.

Legends say that the pigs actually dream their death – that could explain why in the night preceding their sacrifice all the pigs in the village scream but they galdy embrace the sacrifice providing villagers with food for the year to come.



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