sun revival
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sun revival

16"x36" oil on wood

Zalmoxis (also known as Salmoxis, Zamolxis, or Samolxis) was a legendary social and religious reformer, regarded as the only true god by the Thracian Dacians (also known in the Greek records as Getae)

According to Herodotus, the Getae, who believed in the immortality of the soul, looked upon death merely as going to Zalmoxis (who later "absorbed" the older Dacian deity Gebeleizis whom they worshipped as the Sky God) as they knew the way to become immortals.

At one point Zalmoxis traveled to Egypt and brought the people mystic knowledge about the immortality of the soul, teaching them that they would pass at death to a certain place where they would enjoy all possible blessings for all eternity.

Zalmoxis then had a subterranean chamber constructed (other accounts say that it was a natural cave) on the holy mountain of Kogaion, to which he withdrew for three years (some other accounts considered he actually lived in Hades for these three years). After his disappearance, he was considered dead and mourned by his people, but after three years he showed himself once more to the Getae, who were thus convinced about his teachings: an episode that some considered to be a resurrection (Thus he can be seen a life-death-rebirth deity, parallel to Tammuz or Jesus.)

ZALMOXE was the SKY GOD, the CLOUD TRAVELER and THE ONE THAT WEARS THE BEAR SKIN, living in the place where the souls of the ones that die will be rewarded. It was said that Dacian warriors would die laughing knowing that they will meet ZALMOXE in the afterlife!


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